Our Frontline Community Heroes

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Our Frontline Community Heroes

We want to give our operational teams at Northland Waste a shout out to acknowledge their Mahi during this lockdown.

As essential workers, our team has stepped up to the job to ensure waste is still collected. We are incredibly proud of how they overcame challenges and committed to getting the job done - they are true community heroes.  It is a challenging time, and the operational teams have gone about their work in high spirits. 

Our runners can be moving on their feet for over 10km a day; it is a physically demanding role, and with the addition of a mask to this job, we applaud their positive attitudes towards this change. The team has put the health and safety of themselves and the community first despite making a hard job even harder. 

Although we've had some struggles, a real highlight for the team has been the responses from the community. The sense of community and acknowledgement has not gone unnoticed by our frontline staff. The team have appreciated all the thank yous from a distance, the kids waving, and the all-round positive response the community has given them during this period.