Keith Earl - Picking up rubbish for 10 years

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Keith Earl

Keith Earl has been picking up rubbish three days a week in Kerikeri for the past ten years. Originally Keith began walking for exercise, but he couldn't help but notice all the waste that was scattered roadside in his community, and that is when he started picking it up. In the beginning, Keith would buy rubbish bags out of his pocket so that he could carry all the rubbish found to the bin. He developed a weekly routine of areas where he would pick up Monday would be town to the bypass, Wednesday was the bypass, and Friday was state highway 10.

When we found out what Keith was doing for the community six years ago, we decided to provide him with 15 bags a month which he fills with the waste he picks up. When Keith has filled a bag, he leaves it in a particular collection spot where our drivers pick it up. Alternatively, if our drivers spot him, they'll stop, empty his bag and give it back so he can continue.

Keith's message to the Kerikeri community is to be proud of the place you live and pick up your rubbish, simple as that. When you see Keith on the streets cleaning up Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make sure to give him a toot of support for all the incredible work he's is doing in our town.