Northland Waste & Para Kore partnership calling for further support

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Northland Waste & Para Kore partnership calling for further support

Northland Waste, the Far North’s top recycling and rubbish removal company, is calling for further support toward local Maori recycling initiative - Para Kore - to help them continue their mission to have every marae in the Far North waste free by 2020.

Since 2014 Northland Waste, alongside the Far North District Council, has provided financial sponsorship for Para Kore so that they can equip marae, Māori schools and organisations with the skills,resources and knowledge to have a significantly lower impact on Papatūānuku, Earth.Though Para Kore (meaning zero waste) is a national initiative, it operates independently from region to region. Para Kore aims to encourage, educate and support Māori organisations to use, create and dispose of their waste responsibly in a way that aligns with the traditional values of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of the land.

With funding from companies such as Northland Waste, Para Kore is able to offer it’s resources and support at no cost to those that participate.This has helped see up to 85 percent of marae rubbish diverted away from landfills and into re-use, recycling, compost piles and even worm farms.With over 220 Marae now involved in the scheme nationally, many hundreds of tonnes worth of non biodegradable materials have been salvaged from the guts of the earth and into re-use.When Para Kore was established in the Far North, the ‘Waste Minimisation Fund’ gave considerable sponsorship toward the first 3 years of the program.This funding period is coming to an end and Northland Waste is encouraging other businesses and organisations to help continue the success of Para Kore who have gained many awards including the prestigious Environmental NZ Energy Global Award, which they won over 1500 other entries from 170 countries.

Education is a pivotal aspect of the project. Jared Hiakita is a one man team working independently across the entire Far North as Waste Advisor for Para Kore. He supports every marae, school and organisation that participates in the initiative by giving presentations, waste checks and educational workshops. A spin off for isolated Far North communities is that the project can potentially save them money. One marae has reduced their waste down from an average of 8 bags of landfill rubbish per event down to just 1 bag.

Effective waste removal has traditionally been an issue in the Far North for rural communities. Because of the long distance to transfer stations and remote isolation, many have had to deal with their rubbish independently, often leading to burying non bio-degradable products or burning toxic plastics and treated materials. Together with Northland Waste we are to overcome these challenges.

With around 150 marae in the Far North, Jared is funded for a part time role and has his work cut out for him. He says it’s all about grass roots, working with kohanga reo using the kiwi-designed and manufactured ‘Hungry Bins,’ a super effective worm farm composting system. Educating children about composting their food waste through worm farms has yielded fantastic results, and a lot of enthusiastic kids!

Northland Waste has worked for many years in the North providing support, education and sponsorships to many businesses and community projects. It is the only 100% Northland owned Waste and Recycling company operating from Puhoi to Cape Reinga and is committed to “putting Northland first“. It provides a kerbside and commercial solution to recycle,recover and dispose of waste in most areas within its boundaries