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Para Kore

Para Kore is a Māori zero-waste organisation with a kaupapa based on whakapapa to Papatūānuku and expressed through an experienced and skilled team passionate about and committed to achieving a zero-waste Aotearoa. Para Kore works within the local community running an education and advocacy programme that works with Marae, Kura, Kohanga, Maori businesses and community groups, supporting them to find different ways of working to reduce their waste to landfills significantly.

 Para Kore collecting recycling

Para Kore supports Māori groups to dispose of their waste to align with the traditional values of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of the land and work as an advocate in the community from a Māori worldview a world without waste. In their work with the local community, Para Kore has helped set up composts, support local events with their waste management, provide resources and education to help with proper recycling.

Every year Northland Waste sponsors Para Kore $6,000, which has enabled them to do the following:

  • 5 part-time positions in Northland (Whangarei, Kaikohe, Hokianga, Kaitaia and Te Kao).
  • 200+ Marae signed up nationwide.
  •  Helps Para Kore equipt marae, Kura, Kohanga and organisations with the skills, resources and knowledge to have a significantly lower impact on Papatūānuku.
  • Para Kore can offer its resources and support at no cost to those that participate.

To find out more about Para Kore, click here to head to their website.